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Jumping Off the Plane

Heavy Load tactical-m

The Heavy Load Tactical Main Parachute is a superior medium-high aspect ratio, moderately tapered, nine (9) cell main parachute. HLT Main is an elliptical parachute. Made from a combination of 1.1 oz. ripstop nylon and zero-porosity this is generally referred to as a hybrid parachute. The entire line of HLT main parachutes provide lighter toggle pressure and increased performance during the flare maneuver for the lifespan of the parachute.

      Size     Maximum Weight

  • 300     443 lbs./201 kg

  • 325     491 lbs./223 kg.

  • 350     541 lbs./245 kg.

  • 375     593 lbs./269 kg.

  • 400     646 lbs./293 kg.

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