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Image by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes

The Precision Aerodynamics r-Max Reserve is perfect for use in high speed skydiving applications.


The r-Max Reserve is made with Dupont SolarMax fabric and constructed on a framework of Precision Aerodynamic's own custom woven Spectra support tape that is interlaced throughout the canopy for superior strength and reliability at these elevated speeds.

This network of Spectra support tape is crafted together in combination with a spanwise reinforcement system. Precision has utilized the added strength of their superior spanwise seam structure and coupled it with a matrix of lateral load bearing members from one stabilizer to the other.

The powerful chordwise structure of the upper surface combines with a bulletproof spanwise structure in the lower surface and all of it is tied together with their unique line attachment system to produce the strongest reserve Precision has ever manufactured, and they have been manufacturing reserve parachutes for well over 20 years.

The r-Max Reserve has been drop tested at a speed of 250 mph with 20% more than the Maximum Operating Weight Limitation.

If you like to skydive fast, the r-Max is for you.

r-Max Reserve (Dealer)

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