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Image by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes

The Raven canopy is a custom colored 7-Cell parachute designed specifically for use as a reserve. In addition to being successfully tested by Precision Aerodynamics to FAA TSO C-23c drop test standards, the Raven 7-Cell is the canopy of choice for many container manufacturers when certifying new harness/container designs. The Raven has also been extensively tested and selected by United States and foreign military forces for use in their specialized operations. The Super Raven line of canopies has served as the standard by which all other 7-Cell parachutes are designed. The Raven delivers reliable, soft openings, and a glide that will land you better than many 9-Cell canopies - full speed or deep brakes, landings are always soft and safe. Since its development in 1981, the Super Raven has undergone a series of refinements that has resulted in a canopy that delivers unrelenting performance without sacrificing the controllability, comfort, and security that has made this canopy the undisputed world champion of ram-air reserves.


Prudently developed for emergency situations, the Raven Reserve 7-Cell opens quickly, without burning up a lot of sky, delivering you to the surface with confidence. Flight characteristics of this highly sophisticated canopy are sound and stable. In fact, many people choose to jump a Super Raven as their main canopy. The only difference in a Super Raven main and Super Raven Reserve is the container into which it is packed. Jump after jump and year after year, the Super Raven Series remains the standard for 7-Cell ram-air design.

Raven (Dealer)

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