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Image by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes

The Xaos-21 is a 21-chamber cross-braced tri-cell canopy and one of Precision Aerodynamics' highest regarded ultra performance wings. Precision wasn't exactly really sure at first what one rather analytical so-and-so meant when he firmly uttered "The mysterious paradox is that the Xaos-21 demonstrates the epitome of recalcitrance as it rebels against the authority of the laws of gravity, because it is only through the laws of gravity that this machine flies at its best," but we think he meant "It likes to be loaded."


Precision has been manufacturing different versions of cross braced tri-cells for several years, and the Xaos-21 includes a number of refinements Precision has made during their continuing research and development of ultra performing crossbraced canopies.

You don't have to be a NASA Pilot in the Space Program to appreciate the awesome flight of theXaos-21, but after you fly it, you will think you are.**

Xaos-21 (Dealer)

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