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Image by Kamil Pietrzak


The r-Max: During recent years, our sport has seen freefall speeds increase significantly with the growing popularity of headdown skydiving and speed skydiving events. Now, for the first time, here is a reserve parachute that is tested and manufactured specifically for these disciplines. The r-Max Reserve is made with DuPont SolarMax fabric and is constructed on a framework of integrity that features our own custom woven Spectra support tape that’s interlaced throughout the canopy for superior strength and reliability at elevated speeds. This structural network is crafted together in combination with a spanwise

reinforcement system to produce a matrix of load bearing members that unify canopy integrity for higher loads.


This powerful structure is tied together with our superior line attachment system to produce the strongest reserve we have ever manufactured, and we have been manufacturing reserve parachutes for more than 20 years. In fact, we have produced more ram-air reserves than anyone else in the world, sport and military combined. The r-Max Reserve has spent more than 3 years in extensive design testing, including high speed drop tests at 250 mph with 20% more than the Maximum Operating Weight imitation. The Deep PowerBandTM flare  generates loads of lift on the bottom end of your reserve ride and  helps ensure your safety if you are forced into an off-DZ landing. If you like to skydive fast & hard, and you want to have the latest reserve design technology and the most powerful reserve canopy on the planet, the r-Max is for you.

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