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Image by Kamil Pietrzak


Synergy is the canopy for skydivers who just like to make a whole lot of skydives. It has really good manners and treats it’s owner with respect. It doesn’t wind up like a tight rubber band every time you let it out of the container. Here are a few things that this canopy is not... 

It is not a hard opener. It won’t jerk a knot in your neck if you are wearing a camera. It won’t jerk a knot in your neck even if you are not wearing a camera. Camera people are very much attracted to the qualities of the Synergy.

You will not likely see the Synergy zooming through one of those blade courses in some speed competition. You probably won’t see somebody trying to impress their whuffo girlfriend with a rapid 90 degree right then 270 left hookturn at treetop peeling through the packing area at Mach speed.


What you will see under this canopy is a happy skydiver who likes skydiving as much as the canopy ride, but likes the canopy ride to be predictable and sweet. Now, we aren’t saying that you can’t climb the risers and get this canopy to do some tricky stuff... you can. 

We are just saying that this canopy might appeal to skydivers who don’t need the grab-bag openings or the wild-hare ride you will find on other canopies.


The Synergy is made from DuPont Solar Max fabric and is rigged with HMA lines for durability and low drag, it is available in 9 sizes ranging from 98 to 230 square feet.

synergy upscaled.jpg
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