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Image by Kamil Pietrzak


When it comes to teaching the proper techniques for developing the correct and necessary canopy flight skills to your novice skydivers, nobody builds a better training platform than the Precision Voyager. Built from the links-up specifically as a novice light training canopy, the Voyager will allow your students to progress at the right pace with the right canopy, increasing their flight handling  techniques with a canopy tuned for the best performance at a specific weight range.


Our sport has come a long way over the years, and as our new skydivers continue to gain experience, they are constantly looking forward to downsizing their equipment and upsizing the skills necessary to deal with the exciting smaller canopies that have become the mainstream reality of today’s parachutes. The Voyager design is precisely tuned for performance related to wing loading exactly as young jumpers will phase into as they gain experience. Precision was the original developer of canopies tuned to wing loading, and we continue to lead the industry with the design of the Voyager as the best option for your students. Drop zone operators will appreciate the commercial duty construction of the Voyager with its rugged reinforcement and solid structure for repeated and continuous use in the demanding world encountered in student and novice jumpers. The continuous Dacron lines and stabilribtm technology offer predictable opening sequences whether deployed from static line or freefall configurations.


All canopies are fitted with our snag resistant collapsible slider, and cascade related malfunctions are impossible on the Voyager. Riggers and packers will love the hybrid combination of zero porosity upper surfaces and 0-3 cfm lowers. The easy packing and dependable performance of the Voyager student main canopy will simplify your operation and help you properly prepare

your students for many years to come.

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