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Image by Kamil Pietrzak


The Xaos-21 Cross-Braced Tri-Cell Wing is a third generation development of the original crossbrace technology. It doesn’t matter whether you are a freeflyer, or do relative work; whether you are a coach or a mentor, the Xaos-21 will deliver an ultra-performance flight with ultra-performance handling from line stretch through landing. At a recent Para-Performance  competition, the Xaos-21 took first place in the distance event, claiming it’s place in World Class Competition, beating out all of the non-Xaos 27 cell crossbraced designs.


Some of the features that separate the Xaos-21 from other X-braced canopies on the market are the fully aerodynamic leading edge, and the utilization of Precision’s Stabilribtm technology, combining the stabilizer and end rib to produce a fully functional aerodynamic endcell. The outboard suspension lines are attached directly to the bottom of the Stabilribtm , and are fabricated with High Modulus Aramid fiber for low bulk, reduced drag, and higher durability.

All Xaos-21 canopies are custom made in the USA, utilizing DuPont Solar Max fabric for extreme performance, and HMA fiber continuous lines. The Xaos-21 is available in sizes from 68 to 135 square feet. The Maximum Recommended wing loading is

2.5 pounds per square foot.

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