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Image by Kamil Pietrzak


Xaos-27. Competitive world class skydivers have reported that the Xaos-27 Crossed-Braced Tri-Cell Wing is not a parachute; it is the ultimate adrenaline pump!  Whether you jump out of perfectly good airplanes for the sole purpose of experiencing extremely competitive canopy flight or just red-hot swoop landings, this is precisely where you want to be.


The biggest difference in the Xaos-27 and other 27 cell cross braced canopies is that you can actually use the Xaos-27 as an everyday skydiving canopy, even for head down camera work!

No matter what your skydiving style, if you enjoy the idea of ending your skydive with a radical canopy flight negotiating your flight path through an extreme blade course, or skimming across the water for more than the length of a football field, then you definitely want to check out this ride!

In the competitive world of swoop landing machines, the Xaos-27 reigns as the king-daddy of them all.

This canopy has been in continual development since 1998, and continues to get better, year after year.  The Xaos-27 is the culmination of everything we have refined in cross-braced technology.

All Xaos-27 canopies are hand fabricated in the U.S.A. utilizing DuPont Solar Max fabric for the extreme performance, and High Modulus Aramid continuous lines for low drag and high durability.

The Xaos-27 is available in sizes from 58 to 120 square feet. Recommended wing loading is 2.6 pounds per square foot.

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